What is E-Safety?

For lots of people the internet is a great place to find things, share stuff, shop, learn and talk to friends but like anything,
it’s got its risks.

Staying safe in a virtual world can be tricky especially for people who may not feel that confident online.

Virtually S@fe is a new project in Torbay that offers practical online safety advice for local people and aims to keep children safe in cyberspace.

Virtually S@fe does two things:

1. Gives ‘hands on’ online safety advice for parents and carers

2. Provides special presentations for children in schools

Virtually S@fe is a project delivered by Devon and Cornwall Police, Hele’s Angels and Safer Communities Torbay. It’s funded by the Torbay Safeguarding Children Board.

Visit the Virtually S@fe website for more information: www.torbayvirtuallysafe.co.uk

The Torbay Local Safeguarding Children Board (TSCB) works with the Police, Torbay Council and helps to fund projects like the Virtual Safe campaign, who work with children and families in Torbay, with the aim of ensuring that they work together effectively to keep children safe.


Torbay Safeguarding Childrens Board


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Feel Safe >>

The Feel Safe Scheme aims to help vulnerable people living in Torbay (they need not be members of a NHW scheme) to feel safer in their own homes and neighbourhoods.  

Everybody has the right to feel safe in their own home but people who are vulnerable in some way may need a bit of extra support.

The Feel Safe Scheme enables small jobs to be carried out at someone’s property to help them feel safer. This might include things like adding a peephole to a door, fitting a door chain, putting up a security light, or carrying out some minor repairs to some fencing.

The scheme is run by Torbay’s Neighbourhood Watch Forum and supported by a range of local businesses and other organisations.

The Feel Safe Scheme works on a referral basis. Referrals to the Scheme can be made by (or via) Devon and Cornwall Police Community Support Officers or directly to Torbay NHW.

All referrals will be considered and in most cases work will be carried out free of charge but in a small number of cases a small contribution towards the total cost may be required.

Any person who knows someone vulnerable, who is living in their area, and who they feel may benefit from the Feel Safe Scheme please contact your Neighbourhood Watch Office on 01803 218701 and leave a message on our answer phone, or email us on.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Useful Drug & Alcohol Support Websites >>


Talking to your children about drugs >>

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           nhs.uk >>

           drugfree.org >>


Know Drugs >>

Research has identified drugs as one of the major concerns for parents with teenage children. With drugs becoming cheaper and more widely available than ever before many parents are understandably worried that their son or daughter may experiment or even become regular users.

At a time when one completely new drug is entering the market each week, the situation can appear frightening and confusing for many parents. 

We develop the Know Drugs: The Parents Guide app after discussions with parents regarding their key concerns about drugs. 

The app has been designed to deal with these concerns by providing a comprehensive, balanced and up to date guide in one handy, easy to use iphone and ipad app. 

By using the Know Drugs app parents will not only know more about the drugs themselves - what they look like, how they are used and what the effects are - but will also be in a much better position to educate and advise their teenagers about this important issue. 


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