This year the Torbay Timebank will be launched in Hele, Barton and Watcombe. What is a Timebank you may ask? A Timebank is a framework for exchanging skills and resources in your neighbourhood. You will earn a credit for every hour you spend doing something for others and you will be able to spend your credits whenever you wish by asking for something in return. All exchanges will be made through the Timebank Broker. The system will be online, but you will also be able to do it without computers by meeting or contacting your Timebank broker in the community. An example: Brian hurt his leg playing football and can’t walk his dog for a few weeks while it heals. He contacts the Timebank broker who puts him in touch with Alan who has offered his time to do dog walking for the Timebank. Alan is earning credits every time he walks the dog. Brian is spending credits which he can make up later by offering football coaching.

Everyone has something they can offer to others in their community, even if just once in a while.

Examples: cake baking, decorating, shopping, driving, dog walking, companionship, sharing a craft, gardening, cleaning, computer skills, salsa dancing, dress making, putting together flat pack furniture, cooking, sharing local history, sharing hobbies, walking companion, keep fit companion…………

Look out for Timebank events in January, or call Theo (Timebank broker) on 07599993987

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