Devon Youth and Hele's Angels

Hele's Angels is working with Devon Youth in a 'Through the eyes of the Young People' project. The group brings together young people, 15 years old and over, from Hele and Lower Barton. The project aims to listen to young people and their views and aspirations about the area while at the same time providing new experiences and the opportunity to develop new skills.

This includes making a film about life in the area.

Marilyn Martin and Charlie Chambers hold Devon Youth and Hele's Angels meetings every Thursday evening from 4.30 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Team Family

Team Family are mums and friends of the community whose first group opened in May 2010. Twinkle Stars Parent and Toddler Group had over 52 families attending in the first year. This year we were given the opportunity to open a second group by Marilyn, the manager at the Acorn Centre, to start up a family workshop called Little Acorns which has been a great success.

Many families come together to learn new skills, from first aid and healthy lifestyles to making fun and creative things like bath bombs! The purpose of the groups is to bring the community together, to have somewhere affordable to go and spend time making new friends, build new skills and bond with their children.

Barton Downs Play Park

The Barton Downs Play Park was officially opened on July 31st after years of campaigning to stop building on the site. The park is the ideal place for parents and children to play whilst enjoying the fresh air.

Windmill Hill Skate Park

The Windmill Hill Skate Park will soon be opening...thanks to the Jubilee People's Millions Funding, support and campaigning from Hele's Angels the Windmill Action Group, many volunteers and of course the kids !

Hele’s Angels has now obtained the lease for the skate park and joining land, with the intention to have a skate park built by September 2013. At the moment we are working with an organisation called ‘Phoenix Heritage’, who are conducting an excavation on the area, which is a 19th century refuge tip, located at Windmill Hill. The work is been conducted over 2 phases, and is due to be finished by the end of September.

Hele's Angels are currently working with a new contractor called ‘Gravity’, with phase 1 due to completed by September 2013. It is our hope at some stage in the future, that we will be looking at extending the skate park. It will be a concrete skate park but significantly smaller than the original proposed skate park.

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Progress to Date


* Barton Downs play park regenerated with £90,000 of investment due to pressure from local residents.

* £60,000 has been raised by young people in the area for a new skate park.

* A working group of residents and agency staff have been awarded £10,000 to tackle child poverty in the area.

* The Hele’s Angels young peopIe’s group have surveyed the area and found young people have three main issues they want to address - improving the environment, alcohol and drug misuse and lack of local role models and aspirations.

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