If YOU weren’t there, who would care?


Do you, or someone you know, help or support someone who couldn’t manage without you? Do you help someone with their shopping, their medication, keep an eye on them or do something similar?  Do you do this for a family member, neighbour or friend, and without being paid for it? If so, even if you get Carers Allowance, you may be considered to be an unpaid Carer and we want to make you aware of the free information, advice, and support that is available to you!

Over the next few months, there is a campaign to identify ‘hidden’ carers in Watcombe and Hele. These are the people who support someone who may be elderly, disabled or have problems with alcohol, drugs, hearing, sight, terminal or long-term illness, or mental ill health. Many don’t realise that they are considered to be Carers, as they think they are just being a good neighbour, parent, husband or wife, son or daughter. Many think that ‘carer’s’ support is for paid care staff, and don’t realise that Torbay has so much support for unpaid carers.

The ‘If YOU weren’t there, who would care?’ campaign tries to get people to think about how the person they support would manage if they weren’t able to do it. One of the services run by Torbay Carers Register is the Carers’ Emergency Card, which means that if the carer has an emergency and is unable to do the support, there is a back-up plan which can be set up. The card can also be used as a discount card for many shops and services around Torbay. The register is confidential and information is not shared with anyone else, other than to organise support in an emergency. Carers on the register can also receive free quarterly information and details of free courses, some of which may help with their caring such as manual handling, first aid and legal workshops, and some of which are to give a break from caring such as painting, singing or yoga.

There are Carers Support Workers based in each doctors’ surgery which any Carer can access, and specialist workers who deal with Carers who support someone with alcohol and drug problems, or mental health problems. There is also support with counselling, benefits advice, getting fit, quitting smoking and  weight management. Staff at Torbay SDH Care Trust and the Watcombe and Hele Preventative Community Partnership have had Carers Awareness Training to help them support carers, and other sessions will be running over the next few months. We will also be working with local pharmacies, COOL and Crossroads Care (independent organisations for Carers) and other community organisations to promote Carers information in the Hele and Watcombe areas.


If you would like more information about support to Carers, please ring Signposts for Carers on (01803) 666620, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or look at www.torbaycaretrust.nhs.uk/carers. For more information about or to become involved in this campaign, please ring Katy Heard on (01803) 219790 / 07747 847 569 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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